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Mobile Apps Development

Building successful apps! We wake up in the morning to create apps that people will use, apps that make money, apps that top the charts.

With rapid technology advancements, the emergence of user-friendly and intuitive smartphones has invoked millions of mobile users to connect via the Internet. Today, more and more people cater to mobile computing to learn what, where, and how to buy. Furthermore, mobile search engines have made the process even more convenient and simple. For businesses, this is a lucrative opportunity to reckon with, which serves as a powerful medium to connect to the larger global audience in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Many companies want to reach out to their target audience instantly with their product and service offerings, and this becomes exceptionally easier with mobile computing.


Here comes mobile application in picture!! Believe or not, intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps are the future of web based businesses today. By creating unique and innovative mobile application, your business becomes an indispensable part of the broader mobile market, which is ever-growing and vast. With an interesting and relevant mobile app, your target audience can easily access your information on the go, on their handheld devices. Moreover, the temptation of projecting your brand image in the most efficient and effective manner is irresistible. Adding to the delight, with mobile applications, you can quickly reach out to your global customers, keeping a track and generating better conversions.

How Logicious Business Solutions Pvt Ltd can help?

As a prominent and reputable mobile application development company, Logicious Business Solutions Pvt Ltd brings to its valued customers, its established expertise and proficiency in working across multiple mobile apps development platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Symbian, and HTML5. Our team of expert developers has the proficiency to create customer-oriented mobile applications for different platforms, helping businesses to leverage the power and market for various mobile platforms. We have hands on knowledge and experience in developing mobile applications, delivering business oriented, and flexible, custom solutions.


Our core mobile application development domain includes business, sports, GPS tracking, utility, lifestyle, social networking, news, health and medical, weather, games, payment gateway, managing data form, etc.

Our Mobile Application Development Services:

IOS Apps are apps that run on iPhones and iPads. With the ever growing popularity of Apple products it makes perfect sense for a business to have an IOS App. iOS apps run on Objective-C / Swift platform. Developing a seamless, secure and graphic rich IOS Apps will definitely give a business the required boost. For designing and development of the App one will require assistance of an expert IOS application developer with in-depth knowledge on user-interface along with logical complex coding. There are numerous versions of IOS and also numerous dimensions of IOS phone screens thus compatibility with multiple devices is a requisite. Also Apple devices offer plenty of unique features which can be exploited through innovative IOS App development services.
Android is the most popular OS for smartphones. Android applications are almost all coded in Java. Android is an open source OS that is anybody can download the source codes and modify them according to one’s needs. No wonder it is the most popular platform both for smart phones and for App development. Android’s open source platform offers compatibility with a large number of devices be it Mobile phones or Tablets. The popularity of Android ensures the maximum global access to the mobile market. Android App development involves the following steps Complete creation of an Android application, UI design with ADT Visual Designer, Composing of the user interface from scratch, Integration of applications to the SQLite database, Develop a content provider and associate it with a list and ensure compatibility with all version and dimensions.
At first glance, developing applications for Android and for iOS seem to be very similar, but if we go into the details, it becomes clear that the particularities of each operating system have a significant impact on how developers must carry out the projects. 99% of the mobile and tablet market is dominated by both Android and IOS platforms. Anybody who is looking to develop an App can opt for independent development for both Android and IOS alternatively he can develop an App that provides Cross Platform compatibility. Applications developed for cross platform compatibility has its own pros and cons. The biggest pro being that the same App will work on both Android and IOS platforms and the biggest con being that the quality of the said App will be a touch inferior to an App that id dedicatedly developed for a single platform and hence will work seamlessly.

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